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FEATURE: What does it take to be a female private investigator in India

Rajani Pandit, a Mumbai-based private investigator, started her career at the age of 25 and has solved 75,000 cases till date. She talks to Anunsha Narain about her journey as India’s woman PI

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From Delhi’s railway platform to Buckingham Palace

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The incredible moment a leopard gives impala the kiss of DEATH

The young leopard known on the Masai Mara in Kenya managed to bring down the fully grown impala. Photographer Chaitanya Vattem captured the amazing images of the struggle while on safari in the region.

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Pirates of the Bay of Bengal Kidnap Poor Fishermen For Ransom In The Sunderbans

Armed Bangladeshi gangs are kidnapping Indian fishermen for ransom, wreaking havoc, and threatening livelihoods, reports Sanjay Pandey

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NEWSLIONS IMPACT: Boy, 4, has been cured of leukaemia which caused his eyes to bleed and POP OUT

After a five-month treatment plan, the swelling in his eyes has reduced and the bleeding has completely subsided. But the doctors fear the boy might have lost his vision for ever.

It’s school time for grannies!

Every afternoon, a group of elderly women – all over 60 years, and some nearing 90 – head to a new school in their village near Mumbai

From Delhi’s railway platform to Buckingham Palace

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INDIA: Laying down India’s road to development

The government in India has recently introduced a number of measures to expedite stalled or lagging construction projects, and to revive investor confidence in the road and highways sector.

HEARTBREAKING! Elephants feast on RUBBISH dumped by civic body in India

Gentle giants of Gudalur, southern India feast on garbage which includes deadly plastic waste.

Meet India’s male Rapunzel

Savjibhai Rathwa, a 62-year-old farmer from Gujarat, stopped getting trims when he was 12. Today, his mane is a fascinating 18 metres long and he’s ready to enter the Guinness World Records for the world’s longest hair, says Sanjay Pandey

Boy who lost his nose after being treated by quack doctor has another one grown on his FOREHEAD

A 12-year-old boy who lost his nose to a severe infection was able to grow another one - on his forehead.