Meet the incredible 12-year-old girl born without arms and one leg who does everything with her TOES

Naseeba Shabuddin, who suffers from phocomelia, was dubbed the ‘devil child’ by neighbours and relatives when she was born.

The 12-year-old from Rasoi village, northern India, was born with only one fully formed leg – leaving her to complete everyday tasks using only her toes.

But as this incredible footage shows, Naseeba uses her toes as fingers, allowing her to use a computer at school, fold a fork, write and even paint henna patterns.

Inspirational Naseeba is determined not to let her disability get in the way, and even wants to become a teacher. ‘Everyone at my school helps me and tell me that I need to create a successful future,’ she said, ‘It makes me feel good to get any kind of support.’

Her mum, Bano, and dad, Mohammed, supported her from birth, and said she started to become independent and determined aged four.

‘When she grew up a little and was four years old she started to learn to do things independently,’ said Bano.

‘Like other children, she started sitting by herself. ‘Now she is not dependent on anyone.’

Naseeba attends a school for children with special needs but spends her free-time tutoring local children from her neighbourhood.

She also enjoys playing board games and taking part in dance classes. School director Dhwani Gupta, said the star pupil is an inspiration to her peers.

‘As incredible as it is, she has learned to use her one leg to perform all tasks most people do,’ she said.

‘That one leg and those four ‘fingers’ are her life. ‘With Naseeba it is so true to say that disability is just a word, if you find there is ability in it. She is completely independent.’