AC blast causes fire in IT company building in northern India; employees rescued

AC blast causes fire in IT company building in northern India; employees rescued

A fire broke out in a IT company’s building in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh due to a window AC explosion. All employees were safely evacuated, and the fire has been extinguished.

The incident took place at H Block of Sector 63 of Noida on June 1.

Visuals showed a fierce fire was raging on the top floor of an office building, with flames leaping high and half the floor reduced to ashes. People nearby were in a state of panic and chaos.

A fierce fire erupted in a building in Sector-63’s H Block on Saturday, engulfing a parked car and reducing it to ashes. The blaze required the efforts of half a dozen fire brigade trucks to bring it under control.

As temperatures soar, incidents of fires have been on the rise in Noida. Despite the intense heat and challenging conditions, the fire brigade managed to control the fire after considerable effort. Both police and fire brigade teams are set to investigate the cause of the fire once it is fully extinguished.

Notably, Noida has witnessed nearly half a dozen fire incidents in the past 24 hours, most of which have been attributed to short circuits in air conditioning units. Thankfully, there have been no reported casualties in any of these incidents.

The fire brigade remains on high alert around the clock, responding promptly to fire reports. For fires in taller buildings, they are equipped with ladder trucks to efficiently manage and extinguish the flames.

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