Ailing girl carried 6 km on makeshift stretcher due to lack of road access to hospital in southern India

Ailing girl carried 6 km on makeshift stretcher due to lack of road access to hospital in southern India

Due to the absence of road facilities in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh, a sick girl was carried on a makeshift stretcher for 6 kilometers to reach the hospital for treatment.


The incident took place at Jajula Bandha village in  Moolpet Panchayat area of  Alluri district on May 15.

Visuals showed the family of the sick girl improvising a makeshift stretcher using a single pole and cloth to transport her to the hospital for treatment.


According to reports Marri Kavya’s ordeal began four days ago when she fell ill, experiencing fatigue and stomach pain. With no immediate access to medical facilities in her remote village of Jajula Bandha, located in the Moolpet Panchayat of Alluri district, her family was compelled to take matters into their own hands.


On Wednesday morning, as Kavya’s condition worsened, her family decided to transport her to the nearest healthcare center in Arla village of Rolugunta Mandal, approximately 6 kilometers away. Lamentably, the absence of ambulance services forced them to resort to traditional means, carrying her in a doli, a makeshift stretcher used in rural areas.


From Arla village, Kavya was further transported to Buchhampet Primary Health Center (PHC) in an auto. This arduous journey reflects the challenges faced by residents of remote villages like Jajula Bandha, where inadequate infrastructure hampers access to essential medical services during emergencies.


The villagers have expressed their grievances, citing the dire need for improved road facilities and better access to ambulance services. They argue that such deficiencies in infrastructure pose significant hurdles, particularly during medical emergencies, leaving them with no choice but to rely on traditional methods of transportation.

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