Bizarre! Two-faced snake rescued from household in central India

Bizarre! Two-faced snake rescued from household in central India

In a rare occurrence, a two-faced snake was rescued after being spotted at a household in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

The incident happened in Pandhurna, Chhindwara district on November 4.

Visuals showed the snake inside the house. According to a report, the rare reptile was found in a farmer’s house and the family members were scared big time after having spotted the creature in a room.

Despite being scared, they didn’t kill the snake and instead, opted for it to be rescued. They informed Amit Sambare, a reputed snake-catcher in the area, who then arrived with his team and captured the reptile, which was around four-feet long and weighed four kilograms.

The captured reptile was then handed over to the Pandhurna Forest Department, which released it later on in a safe area.

Speaking to Newslions, Sambare said, “This snake is called Red Sandboa in English, with its scientific name being ‘Eryx johnii.’ The reptile is smuggled in India and its skin is used to make a variety of goods. This snake also has high demand in the international market.”

Sambare is a veteran snake-catcher, having been in this work for five years. He has reportedly rescued more than four thousand snakes, of varied and rare species, including those which are poisonous.

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