Cobra rescued from 70-ft well in central India

Cobra rescued from 70-ft well in central India

A venomous snake was rescued from a 70-feet (21.33 metres) well in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

The incident took place on June 5 in Vitthal Nagar locality of Sagar city of the eponymous district.

Visuals showed the rescuer pulling up a basket with the snake safely perched on it.

After it was retrieved from the well, the rescuer pinned the snake on the ground with a stick and held its head, to prevent the reptile from biting him.

Later, he placed a cloth inside a jar and put the snake in before securing the top with a lid.

The rescuer, Aqeel Baba, identified the snake as a cobra.

Baba said the four-feet-long snake would be released in its natural habitat.

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