Doctors removes 3.5cm mutton bone lodged in 66-year-old man’s food pipe in southern India

Doctors removes 3.5cm mutton bone lodged in 66-year-old man’s food pipe in southern India

In a medical feat, doctors at southern India’s Telangana successfully removed a mutton bone stuck in the esophagus of a 66-year-old man from Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district relieving him from severe complications caused by esophageal ulcers.

The incident took place at  LB Nagar Kamineni Hospital in Hyderabad on May 4.

Visuals showed during the operation, it was revealed that a bone was lodged in the patient’s food pipe, causing obstruction.

Sriramulu, a resident of Kakkireni village in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district, endured weeks of discomfort due to his inability to chew food properly, owing to his lack of jaw teeth. His ordeal began when he inadvertently swallowed a 3.5cm mutton bone while attending a wedding reception. Initially experiencing chest pain, Sriramulu sought medical advice from local doctors who misdiagnosed his condition as a gastric issue.

However, persistent pain led him to seek further consultation at Kamineni Hospital in Narketpally. An endoscopy revealed the bone lodged in his esophagus, a condition that required specialized care. The case was then referred to LB Nagar Kamineni Hospital, where Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist Dr. Radhika Nittala and her team undertook the challenge of removing the bone using an endoscopic procedure on May 4th.

Detailing the complexity of the case, Dr. Nittala explained, “Sriramulu’s condition was severe due to the prolonged presence of the impacted bone, which had pierced the esophageal wall very close to the heart, causing ulcers.” She emphasized the importance of timely medical intervention, highlighting the potential risks of further complications if left untreated.

Fortunately, the procedure was a success, averting the need for major surgery. Post-procedure, Sriramulu was advised to follow a strict dietary regimen to aid recovery. Dr. Nittala recommended a liquid diet initially, including coconut water, to facilitate healing. Sriramulu is now relieved from pain and has progressed to eating a soft diet, marking a positive turn in his recovery journey.


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