Fatal accident on highway leaves several Injured in western India

Fatal accident on highway leaves several Injured in western India

A fatal collision between a motorcycle and a bus claimed the life of one person and left several others injured in western India’s Maharashtra.

The incident took place on the old Mumbai-Pune highway on April 30.

Visuals showed the bus, hurtling down the road at high speed, collided violently with the motorcycle. The impact sent the bike occupants flying through the air, crashing heavily onto the ground. Meanwhile, the bus came to a sudden halt a short distance ahead, its momentum abruptly halted. In the aftermath, bystanders rushed to the scene to assist the injured individuals, amidst the chaos and debris strewn across the roadway.

The horrific accident occurred on the old Mumbai-Pune highway, left a husband and wife severely injured as their motorcycle collided with a bus. This accident adds to the increasing number of accidents on this route. Suresh Anand Sanas succumbed to his injuries, while his wife, Surekha Sanas, sustained serious injuries.

The incident was captured by CCTV cameras at a nearby hotel. The Lonavala city police admitted the injured Anand Sanas to the hospital while Surekha Sanas’ body was handed over to her relatives. The bus driver is currently under arrest pending further investigation by the Lonavala police.

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