Fish-laden vehicle overturns on highway in eastern India, triggering rush to loot fish

Fish-laden vehicle overturns on highway in eastern India, triggering rush to loot fish

In an incident in eastern India’s Jharkhand, a vehicle loaded with fish overturned, scattering the fish across the road. This led to a frenzy among passersby and villagers, who rushed to gather the spilled fish.


The incident took place on the Haveli-National Highway near Dhanbad District on May 30.

Visuals showed on the highway, a pickup truck lay overturned, its cargo of countless fish strewn across the road. Villagers crowded around, hastily picking up the scattered fish. The scene was chaotic, with people scrambling to salvage as much as they could from the spilled cargo.


According to police reports, the mishap occurred on the Haveli-National Highway near Dhanbad, when a vehicle carrying prohibited Thai Magur fish overturned. The accident happened near the Topchanchi police station area, close to a market where a pickup truck flipped, causing the fish to spill onto the road. Following this, villagers engaged in a frenzy to gather the fish, transporting them to their homes.


The driver claimed that the vehicle overturned due to a tire blast. Upon receiving information, the Topchanchi police promptly arrived at the scene and initiated an investigation. Currently, the police have seized the pickup truck, and authorities are conducting further inquiries into the matter.


The driver, identified as Subodh Kumar, stated that the vehicle was en route from West Bengal to Aurangabad in Bihar, carrying a load of fish. The incident has raised questions about the transportation of prohibited fish species and the safety measures undertaken during such journeys.

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