Flash floods submerge ancient temple in southern India

Flash floods submerge ancient temple in southern India

The ancient Amanalingeswarar Temple in southern India’s Tamil Nadu was engulfed by flash floods, following relentless rainfall that lashed the region for days.

The incident took place at Amanalingeswarar Temple at the base of Thirumoorthy Hills near Udumalai in Tiruppur district on May 16.

Visuals showed heavy and intense rainfall caused water to flood inside a temple, rising to a significant height. The water was flowing rapidly, causing the temple’s items to be swept away.

The torrential downpour increased the water flow in the catchment areas of Panchalinga Falls, impacting regions including Kurumalai, Kulipatti, and Jallimuthan Rock. By 7 PM, the rivers had swelled dramatically, leading to the inundation of the temple complex.

Local officials and temple authorities sprang into action, swiftly securing the temple’s valuable assets. Collection boxes and other movable items were protected using wooden planks to avert water damage. Despite their efforts, the persistent rain continues to pose a threat, prompting ongoing measures to safeguard the historic structure.

“The safety of the temple and its artifacts is our top priority,” a temple official stated. “We are closely monitoring the situation and taking all necessary steps to mitigate further damage.”

With the forecast predicting more rain, local communities remain on high alert. Authorities are urging residents and visitors to stay cautious and avoid the affected areas. Emergency response teams are on standby to provide assistance as needed.

The Amanalingeswarar Temple, renowned for its cultural and historical significance, now faces a critical period of preservation amidst nature’s fury.

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