Heavy rainstorm blocks highway in northern India

Heavy rainstorm blocks highway in northern India
A severe rainstorm wreaked havoc in northern India’s Uttarakhand region, leading to significant disruptions on a highway.
The incident took place on Almora highway near Kwarab, Nainital on May 22.
Visuals showed how the heavy rainfall has made it possible to travel through that road. The storm caused debris to block traffic for approximately two hours, stranding vehicles and travelers. The heavy rainfall also affected nearby areas, with debris entering a local shop and causing damage.
To address the blockage, authorities dispatched a JCB (excavator) to clear the road and restore normal traffic flow. The incident highlighted the region’s vulnerability to extreme weather events and underscored the importance of swift emergency response measures.
Local residents expressed concerns over the frequency of such disruptions during the monsoon season. The government and local authorities are being urged to implement better infrastructure and drainage systems to mitigate the impact of heavy rains in the future. Meanwhile, residents and businesses are advised to stay vigilant and prepared for similar weather events as the monsoon season progresses.
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