High-speed collision in northern India, pedestrian thrown 20 feet in the air

High-speed collision in northern India, pedestrian thrown 20 feet in the air

A speeding car hit a pedestrian while he was crossing road in northern India’s Rajasthan , launching him 20 feet into the air.

The incident took place on Maniya Road in Basai Nawab area of Dholpur on May 23.

Visuals showed a man was crossing the road when a speeding car suddenly hit him. The impact was so severe that he was thrown high into the air. The car driver fled the scene immediately after the collision.

The injured man, identified as Darb Singh, son of Bhagwan Singh Jatav from Nagla Harlal village, was walking home when the accident occurred on Maniya Road in Basai Nawab. The car appeared suddenly, hitting Singh before he could cross the street. The force of the collision propelled him into the air, and he landed severely injured on the road.

The driver fled the scene with the car. Nearby shopkeepers, witnessing the horrific accident, rushed to assist Singh and called for an ambulance. Singh was taken to a local hospital and later referred to Jaipur’s SMS Hospital due to the severity of his injuries. His condition remains critical.

The entire incident was caught on CCTV, showing the car speeding and hitting Singh. Singh’s family has filed a report with the police, who are now investigating and searching for the unknown driver based on the CCTV footage. Singh’s family is praying for his recovery while the police work to identify and apprehend the responsible driver.

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