Illicit liquor worth $87,492 destroyed by road roller in southern India

Illicit liquor worth $87,492 destroyed by road roller in southern India

A total of 58,042 liquor bottles which contained 10,000 liters of alcohol which were concealed within mango groves were destroyed.

This incident happened in Pottipadu toll plaza in Krishna District on May 2.

Visuals showed all the seized liquor bottles placed on the ground. A huge road roller was then run over these bottles as the vehicle crushed all of them with all the liquor spilling out on the road. Police officers stood and watched all the illicit liquor getting destroyed.

A total of 58,042 Goan liquor bottles worth rs.73 Lakhs ( USD 87,492.76) were destroyed. The district officials tried to trample the bottles and waved the flag to the road roller. But when the fire broke out, everyone was shocked. The police, crowd, and media representatives scattered. Immediately, the fire department staff brought the fire under control and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. It is believed that the fire broke out due to the intensity of the sun.

According to the reports, Superintendent of Police Adnan Naeem Asmi said that this liquor was seized recently. It has been revealed that an investigation has been carried out regarding the same. The samples were sent to the lab for further investigation.

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