Indian coast guard’s heroic efforts save critically ill crew member in high sea drama in southern India

Indian coast guard’s heroic efforts save critically ill crew member in high sea drama in southern India

In a dramatic display of maritime rescue prowess, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) orchestrated a daring medical evacuation operation in southern India’s Kerala.

The incident took place in Kochi in the Ernakulam district on May 16.

The visuals show, the mission and execution, center around the urgent rescue of Kenneth Hiller, a 62-year-old British national, who fell gravely ill aboard the MV Anvil Point vessel.

Speaking to Newslions, Suresh P K, Indian Coast Guard, Kochi, said the crisis unfolded when the United Kingdom Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) issued a distress call to the Mumbai-based Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) on 15th May 2024, reporting a medical emergency onboard MV Anvil Point. With the vessel sailing from Dubai to Muara, time was of the essence.

Responding swiftly, the MRCC directed the MRSC (Kochi) to spearhead the operation, urging the Anvil Point to hasten its journey towards Kochi for immediate medical assistance. Leveraging telemedicine, the MRSC (Kochi) assessed Hiller’s critical condition and provided essential first-aid instructions.

With the gravity of the situation clear, District Headquarters No. 4 (Kerala & Mahe) sprang into action, dispatching the ICG ship C-410 equipped with a specialized medical team. In tandem, the ICGS Arnvesh was redirected to provide additional medical support and facilitate the patient’s safe evacuation.

Amidst rolling waves and under the cloak of night, ICG ship C-410 rendezvoused with the beleaguered MV Anvil Point off the coast of Kochi. Displaying unwavering professionalism, the medical team swiftly embarked on the mission to rescue Hiller. Upon boarding, immediate medical attention was administered, stabilizing the patient’s condition for the journey ahead.

With Hiller safely secured aboard the C-410, the vessel set sail for Kochi harbor, where awaiting medical facilities stood ready to provide further treatment. Upon arrival, Hiller was promptly transferred to a nearby hospital, ensuring he received the critical care he desperately needed. Reports indicate his condition is now stable, thanks to the timely intervention of the Indian Coast Guard.

This meticulously coordinated operation underscores the ICG’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding lives at sea, resonating profoundly with their motto, “Vayam Rakshamah” – We Protect. Through their swift and decisive actions, another precious life has been preserved, serving as a beacon of hope for seafarers navigating perilous waters.

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