Leopard caught after it strayed near religious shrine in southern India

Leopard caught after it strayed near religious shrine in southern India

A leopard was caught in Tirumala, located in Tirupati district of southern India’s Andhra Pradesh. This is the fourth occasion of a leopard being caught by officials after an earlier instance saw one of the captured big cats kill a six-year-old girl named Lakshita.

The wild animal was caught at the seventh mile location, near the Alipiri footpath which is on the way to the Lord Venkateswara temple on August 27.


Visuals showed the trapped leopard inside of a cage. Officials who were responsible for capturing the beast stood around the cage with the leopard inside of it. The big cat looked startled for a good part before lying down inside the cage. Officials carried the cage from one place to the other before a crowd that had gathered there started to click pictures of the wild animal inside.

According to a report, catching this leopard proved to be quite a tough task. Officials have been trying to capture this big cat for around 10 days but all efforts had proved to be futile. This leopard successfully ensured it didn’t get trapped so far but it was finally captured after a bait was laid. To determine which of these leopards was behind the killing of the girl, this wild animal will have a DNA test conducted after it is taken to the Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park and the report would be compared with that of the other leopards which have been caught.

This leopard terrorised devotees who walked on the Alipiri footway towards the temple.


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