Leopard’s stealth attack on monkey captivates tourists in central India

Leopard’s stealth attack on monkey captivates tourists in central India

In a dramatic turn of events, tourists on a safari in central India’s Madhya Pradesh witnessed an extraordinary display of predatory skill by a leopard, as it stealthily hunted a monkey from just 60 meters away.

The incident took place at Turia Gate in Pench National Park on May 12.

Visuals showed the leopard ignored a larger group of monkeys nearby and focused solely on the two isolated monkeys. Despite the usual alertness of monkeys to predator presence, these two did not notice the leopard spying on them. The leopard’s patient stalking paid off as it suddenly leaped across the road and up the tree with lightning speed, instantly killing one of the monkeys.

Mandar Salaye and his family, along with other tourists, set off on a safari from Turia Gate in Madhya Pradesh on Sunday. Disappointed after not spotting any tigers at Alikatta Point, their spirits were lifted by a thrilling encounter with a leopard.

Upon hearing from another tourist vehicle about a leopard in a nearby drain, the Salaye family hurried to the spot. They observed the leopard emerging from the drain and quickly concealing itself in the grass. From its hidden position, the leopard fixated on two monkeys perched on a leafless tree across the road.

Chinmoy Salaye, another tourist, managed to capture this incredible moment on camera. The entire sequence left the spectators in awe of the leopard’s cunning and agility.

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