Man charges $0.013 for a ride in his self-made bike ambulance in northern India

As an initiative to help the less fortunate, Newed Akthar transformed his bike into an ambulance for smooth travel from a patient’s home to the hospital and visa-versa in northern India’s Bihar.

Hailing from Purnia, Akthar completed the model after working tirelessly for nearly two months (1 month 17 days) on February 15 and has helped 32 people so far.

Visuals feature Akthar’s bike ambulance. A compartment with a bed remains attached adjacent to the two-wheeler for a comfortable ride, while the ambulance even has lights for an easy commute during the night.

Akthar used to be a welder before he opened up his general store. However, after stumbling upon the idea for the bike ambulance, he brushed up his welding skills and came up with the final product that cost him nearly Rs 85 thousand (USD 1,127.45).

Akthar came up with the idea to help those who cannot afford private or public ambulance services due to heavy prices. Moreover, he offers his bike ambulance services at a minimal fee of Rs 1 (USD 0.013) to the locals and aspires to develop his bike ambulance further in the future. 

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