Massive fire engulfs factory in northern India; 18 fire tenders rush to scene

Massive fire engulfs factory in northern India; 18 fire tenders rush to scene

A devastating fire erupted at a factory in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh and as per initial reports, the inferno engulfed the facility, sending thick plumes of smoke spiraling into the night sky.

The incident took place at the industrial hub of Sahibabad Site 4 in Ghaziabad on May 5.

Visuals showed the factory was engulfed in a fierce blaze, with flames raging uncontrollably, casting a menacing glow across the surroundings. Thick, black smoke billowed into the air, shrouding the area in darkness and chaos. Panic and confusion gripped the scene as people scrambled to safety amidst the turmoil.

According to reports the Sahibabad Site 4 Industrial area was jolted by the outbreak of a massive fire at a factory, triggering a frantic response from local authorities and emergency services. The blaze, which erupted late on Sunday night, quickly spread throughout the premises, intensifying concerns about the safety of nearby residents and properties.

Eyewitnesses reported witnessing a towering column of smoke emanating from the engulfed facility, as flames raged uncontrollably within. The cause of the fire remains unknown, with investigations expected to commence once the situation is brought under control.

Efforts to contain the inferno are currently underway, with firefighters battling tirelessly to suppress the flames and prevent further escalation. The deployment of 18 fire tenders underscores the magnitude of the operation, as responders endeavor to quell the blaze and mitigate its impact on the surrounding area.

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