Massive fire erupts at car showroom in northern India after AC explosion

Massive fire erupts at car showroom in northern India after AC explosion

A devastating fire broke out in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, following an air condition in unit explosion.

The incident took place at Radha Govind Automobiles in Muzaffarnagar on June 11.

Visuals showed a car showroom was engulfed in a terrifying blaze following an AC blast. The flames were fierce, leaping high and spreading rapidly. Thick black smoke billowed into the air, making the scene even more harrowing.

A severe fire erupted at Radha Govind Automobiles, a Maruti car showroom located near the Muzaffarnagar bypass in the New Mandi area, after an air conditioning. The fire has been blazing for over four hours, engulfing the entire showroom and turning more than 24 cars to ashes.

Upon receiving the fire alert, Chief Fire Officer Anurag Kumar promptly arrived at the scene with four fire engines. However, the magnitude of the fire necessitated additional support, and fire tenders from a nearby paper mill, as well as from Meerut and Saharanpur, were called in.

Despite over 20 trips by fire brigade vehicles from three districts, the fire continued to rage due to subsequent explosions from other air conditioning units inside the showroom. The intense heat and recurring blasts caused chaos, forcing employees to flee the premises.

District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police quickly reached the scene to oversee the firefighting operations. Meanwhile, City Circle Officer and New Mandi Police Station In-Charge also arrived with their teams to assist in managing the situation.

Efforts to extinguish the fire are ongoing, but the showroom has been completely destroyed. The incident highlights the critical need for stringent safety measures in commercial establishments to prevent such disasters.

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