Massive tornado hits central India, blows away marriage ceremony tent

Massive tornado hits central India, blows away marriage ceremony tent

Location Kusumbiya village, Khargone district, Madhya Pradesh, Central India. Date: 2023-05-11

A massive tornado struck central India’s Madhya Pradesh as it blew away a tent which was stationed in the area for a marriage ceremony.

This incident happened in Kusumbiya village of Khargone district on May 11.


Visuals showed the tornado in full force as it blew away the marriage tent. A lot of people had gathered at the spot presumably for the marriage between Jyoti and Rakesh but were left stunned with the sight of the tornado. The tent could not withstand the force of the tornado and even though some tried to hold on its iron poles and prevent it from flying off, the inevitable could not be avoided. The massive tent was blown away, reportedly upto a height of 200 feet. Some people were seen ducking for cover. Dust were seen flying all around as the tornado blew away one more tent later on where guests were reportedly eating. One of the ripped apart tents landed at a distance on electric wires, which disrupted power in the area. The iron poles of the tent struck the wire causing electricity to stop. Chaos ensued in the area and the electricity was later restored.
The bride’s brothers, Prakash and Dinesh also informed that the tornado also spoilt all the marriage food. After it had passed, they went to the market, brought rice and pulses and prepared food, serving it to the guests. It was also learnt that greater damage could have taken place had the tornado reached the village, where mud houses could have been destroyed.

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