Naked man with knife terrifies town in southern India, arrested by police

Naked man with knife terrifies town in southern India, arrested by police

In a shocking incident, a man identified as Shiva, known locally as “Psycho Shiva,” caused widespread panic in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh naked and wielding a knife while intoxicated.

The incident took place at Kamala Nagar tents in the Challapally area of Krishna District on May 21.

Visuals showed a man, visibly intoxicated, wandering around completely naked, clutching a knife in his hand and terrifying the surrounding people. In an act of kindness, a man tried to cover him with a blanket.

Shiva, who sustained severe injuries during a clash at Kamala Nagar tents, continued to create chaos in Challapally, Krishna District, by walking around naked with a knife, frightening residents.

Challapally residents experienced a harrowing ordeal when Shiva, visibly injured and under the influence of alcohol, roamed the main centers of the town completely naked, brandishing a knife. The incident began when Shiva, in a drunken state, clashed with individuals at the Komala Nagar tents, resulting in serious injuries.

Undeterred by his condition, Shiva proceeded to terrorize the town, causing alarm and fear among the people. His erratic behavior and the sight of his severe injuries added to the panic. Despite his condition, he managed to make his way to the front of the Challapalli police station, where he continued to sit naked, clutching the knife.

The police, upon receiving reports of the disturbance, swiftly intervened. They took Shiva into custody and informed his family about the incident. Concerned for his well-being, the authorities promptly shifted him to the Challapally Government Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

The local community is still reeling from the unsettling episode, with many expressing relief at the swift action taken by the police to subdue and care for the troubled individual.

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