Newly-launched Vande Bharat express hit by hailstorm in eastern India

Newly-launched Vande Bharat express hit by hailstorm in eastern India

Location Odisha, India. Date: 2023-05-21

The newly-launched Vande Bharat express from Howrah to Puri was hit by a ‘Norwester’ accompanied by a hailstorm in eastern India’s Odisha.

This happened when the train was 30km away from the Bhadrak railway station on May 21. As a result of this, the 22896 Vande Bharat express train stood standstill for around multiple hours at the Baitarani Road railway overbridge.

Visuals showed the severe damage that was caused on the train by the Norwester and the hailstorm. The glass windows were shattered along with the windshield of the driver’s cabin. Moreover, an uprooted tree led to the damage of the overhead electric wire. Water seeped into the train in which there was no electricity. Passengers were thrown into panic after this happened.

“Vande Bharat from Puri to Howrah was stranded between Baitarani Road and Manjuri Road since 4.30 PM on Sunday due to Overhead wire damaged by storm near Bhadrak. A big tree had fallen on track. A diesel relief engine was pressed into service as overhead wires got damaged. The diesel engine brought Vande Bharat train upto Manjari Road, The diesel engine was attached to Vande Bharat train at 8.05 pm,” read a statement by the Eastern Railway. This incident happened at around 4:30 pm and the train was ready to leave for Howrah by 8:15 pm.

According to a report, all 250 passengers who were in the train, were safe.

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