Passenger train halted in southern India after electrical short circuit sparks fire on board

An electrical short circuit on a passenger train in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh led to a brief halt and a minor fire on board.

The incident took place at Sathyawada railway station near Thanuku in Godavari district on August 23.


Visuals showed a little fire broke out on top of the train due to an electrical short circuit that occurred between the power transmission line and the train’s input. Passengers swiftly disembarked from the train, prioritizing their safety. The train came to a halt at a designated point as a precautionary measure.

According to reports, following a temporary pause, a minor fire erupted on a train due to an electrical short circuit that occurred on its rooftop, somewhere along the power transmission line to the train input. Swift action was taken, and the train was later relocated to a railway station for thorough examination by officials.

Fortunately, passengers were unharmed, averting any potential accident. Consequently, the train’s operations were suspended for approximately an hour.


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