Petrol pump belonging to politician, robbed in northern India, robbers escape on bike

Petrol pump belonging to politician, robbed in northern India, robbers escape on bike

Location Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India. Date: 2023-05-13

A gang of criminals in northern India’s Bihar looted a petrol pump belonging to a BJP MLA Ashok Singh.

The incident took place in Muzaffarpur district on May 13.

Visuals showed two armed criminals entering a room inside the petrol pump. They intimidated the manager, pointing their guns at him and threatened him with bullets. They looted all the money and quickly flee the scene.

The criminals, riding motorcycles, looted approximately 4 lakh rupees in cash ($ 4835.74).

According to the received information, the bike-borne criminals easily escaped after robbing the petrol pump from the attendants and the manager. The news of the robbery caused a stir in the entire area. Upon receiving the information, the BJP legislator also arrived at his petrol pump. The local Saraiya police station is currently investigating the case.

BJP MLA Ashok Sen stated that the graph of criminals is increasing across Bihar. The exact amount of the loot is yet to be determined. It will be revealed soon as the police investigation is underway.

Regarding the incident, the petrol pump staff revealed that on Saturday evening, two criminals on a motorcycle arrived to collect petrol. The criminals started firing shots. Upon hearing the gunfire, the attendant fled. The two criminals brandishing pistols entered the counter and looted four lakhs from the manager, Nareshwar Mishra, who was counting cash. All the criminals were between 20 to 22 years old. They were speaking in the local language. During the robbery, they repeatedly threatened to shoot while using abusive language. The CCTV footage captured images of the criminals. The police are currently investigating the case.

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