Police engage in brutal assault in northern India, target shopkeeper

Police engage in brutal assault in northern India, target shopkeeper

Location Patrahi area of Chandwak region, Jaunpur district, northern India's Uttar Pradesh. Date: 2023-06-09

Police officers forcefully entered a public service center in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh and thrashed a shopkeeper.

The incident took place at Patrahi area of Chandwak region in Jaunpur district on June 9.



Visuals showed inside a shop, about 6-7 people were sitting comfortably, engrossed in their work, when suddenly two police officers barged in, one by one, and started intimidating everyone, grabbing and threatening them. Just then, two women entered the scene, their hands folded in front, pleading for forgiveness from the police officers. After a while, the police officers left the premises.

According to reports, station Incharge Devendra Dubey was accused of misconduct.

Regarding the video and the incident, Senior Inspector Gaurav Kumar’s statement has come forward, where he revealed that the entire story is completely false and that the police did not engage in any violence. The police had received a complaint regarding illegal encroachment on the land, and the officers went to the shop only to question and understand the situation from those individuals involved.


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