Police intercept truck transporting 61 children in western India

Police intercept truck transporting 61 children in western India

Location Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. Date: 2023-05-17

Police caught a truck carrying 61 children in western India’s Maharashtra belonging to the Muslim community of Bihar state.

The incident took place in Kolhapur district on May 17.

Visuals showed police personnel and bystanders gathered around a truck, which was apprehended during a raid. Inside the truck, a group of young Muslim children, below the legal age, were being released from confinement.


The scene was filled with police officers, along with other individuals who have taken out their smartphones, capturing video footage as evidence of the operation.

Kolhapur police caught the truck carrying 61 children belonging to the Muslim community of Bihar state.

In this truck there are 61 children from the Muslim community between the ages of seven and four.


Preliminary information is available that two of the children who came from Bihar are missing. Hindutva organizations expressed suspicion and informed the police. Therefore, the police seized the truck and started an investigation as to why the children were brought.

When Kolhapur police questioned the driver of the truck, he was unable to give adequate answers. According to information, all these children have been brought from Bihar for education in a Madrasah located at Azra in Kolhapur district. While the police have inquired about this from the concerned educational institution, it has been said that all these children have been brought for education from the institution as well.

Vijendra Mane, a member of the Hindutva organization, said that “the truck driver fled the scene when he was shot at. Another one of them said that the children were being taken to a madrasah. A discrepancy was found between the train ticket held by these children and the place of arrival that they claimed. It was said that these are all students but it does not seem so. They had no proper documents.

We have requested the police to verify all the details. Mane mentioned that legal action should be taken against the concerned after investigation.”


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