Police ramp up rescue operation amid cyclone deluge after quarry collapse in northeastern India

Police ramp up rescue operation amid cyclone deluge after quarry collapse in northeastern India

A devastating stone quarry collapse in northeastern India’s Mizoram, compounded by severe cyclonic storm Remal, has led to the loss of ten lives and left several individuals feared trapped.

The incident took place in Aizawl district on May 28.

Visuals showed a quarry had collapsed amid continuous rainfall, trapping several animals beneath the rubble.

Amidst the relentless downpour brought by Cyclone Remal, Mizoram faced a grim tragedy as a stone quarry collapse in Aizawl district claimed the lives of ten individuals. The calamity, exacerbated by the ferocity of the cyclone, has left numerous others trapped beneath the debris, prompting a frantic search and rescue operation by local authorities.

Officials reported that the search efforts are being severely hindered by the incessant rain and recurrent landslides in the affected area. Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram, finds itself isolated from the rest of the nation as National Highway 6 at Hunthar stands impassable due to a landslide, while several other vital roadways remain disrupted by similar incidents.

In the aftermath of the disaster, all educational institutions in the region have been shut down, and government employees instructed to work remotely from their homes. The impact of Cyclone Remal has been felt not only in Mizoram but also in neighboring states, with severe damage to fragile dwellings, uprooting of trees, and disruption of essential services.

Prior to its landfall, over one lakh individuals were evacuated from vulnerable areas in West Bengal, yet the cyclone’s fury has not abated. The Indian Meteorological Department has issued warnings of extremely heavy rainfall across Assam and other northeastern states in the coming days, heightening concerns of further calamities and the need for urgent precautionary measures.

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