Politician saves three youths from drowning in sea in western India

Politician saves three youths from drowning in sea in western India

Location Patwa village, Amreli district, western India's Gujarat. Date: 2023-05-31

Hira Solanki, a Bharatiya Janata Party MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) saved three youths from drowning in western India’s Gujarat.

This incident happened when the youths had gone for a bath in a creek on the sea shore near Patwa village in Amreli district on May 31.


Visuals showed Solanki riding on a bike by the side of the sea to the spot where the youths were. Another man rode the bike while he was seated behind. He then went deep into the sea along with the man who had accompanied him on the two-wheeler. One of these youths was seen struggling to stay afloat in the sea at a distance. He took a dip into the water in a bid to save the youths. Visuals of the rescue operation showed that he was helped to get up on the boat from the water as the youths followed. One of them was seen swimming beside the boat and he was rescued too.

According to a report, the four youths were identified as Kalpesh Shiya, Nikul Gujaria, Vijay Gujaria and Jeevan Gujaria. Strong waves of the sea took these youths towards the deep water after they had gone for a bath. People were alerted after they started to shout for help. While three were rescued, the fourth youth, Jeevan Gujaria, drowned. His body was found in the evening after a long search operation.


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