Reversing SUV in northern India severely Injures elderly man

Reversing SUV in northern India severely Injures elderly man

A reversing Toyota Fortuner ran over a 70-year-old man, dragging him several feet before moving forward and injuring him further in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place at the Sipri Bazaar area of Jhansi on May 17.

Visuals showed on a narrow street lined with parked cars, the white SUV reversed into Rajendra Gupta, who was standing behind the vehicle. Unaware of Gupta’s presence, the driver continued to reverse, dragging the man under the car for several metres. Gupta’s agonizing screams alerted nearby residents, who rushed to the scene.

In a panicked response, the driver moved the SUV forward, further injuring Gupta. Eyewitnesses quickly gathered, pulling the elderly man from under the heavy vehicle, which weighs over 2.5 tons. Gupta suffered severe injuries due to the incident.

Police were promptly notified, and the driver, recognizing the gravity of the situation, transported Gupta to a hospital in his vehicle. Following a complaint from Gupta’s son, authorities have filed charges of reckless driving, endangerment, and causing grievous injuries under the Indian Penal Code.

The distressing event, which unfolded over four minutes, highlights the dangers of navigating narrow streets and the critical importance of driver awareness. The local community is left in shock, grappling with the aftermath of the tragic accident.


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