Severe power outage grips northern India amidst intense heat wave

Severe power outage grips northern India amidst intense heat wave

Residents of northern India’s Uttar Pradesh have been enduring hours-long power outages amidst scorching temperatures, exacerbating their discomfort as the mercury soars.

The incident took place at New Basti Navinullah Road in Lucknow on May 18.

Visuals showed that due to the scorching heat, a fire broke out on an electricity pole, with flames licking its surface, and sparks cascading downwards. The entire area was plunged into darkness as the power supply was disrupted.

Short Lead: A scorching heat wave led to an electrical fire on a power pole, causing sparks to rain down and leaving the area engulfed in darkness due to a widespread power outage.

As the sweltering heat wave tightens its grip on Lucknow, residents of New Basti Navinullah Road find themselves grappling with a new challenge – prolonged power outages. With temperatures soaring and no relief in sight, the absence of electricity has plunged the locality into distress.

The power cuts, which have persisted for several hours, are attributed to the strain on the electrical grid caused by the extreme heat. Reports suggest that the power lines are succumbing to the pressure, resulting in frequent short circuits and disruptions in the supply.

Local residents express frustration and dismay over the situation, lamenting the lack of timely intervention from the electricity department. “The unbearable heat coupled with the absence of electricity has made life unbearable,” remarks a resident, highlighting the dire circumstances faced by the community.

Amidst rising complaints and mounting discomfort, residents appeal to the authorities for immediate action to restore uninterrupted power supply and alleviate their suffering during this challenging period of intense heat.

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