Snake catcher astonished as cobra turns out to be pregnant in central India

Snake catcher astonished as cobra turns out to be pregnant in central India

A snake catcher in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, known as Akil Baba, uncovered a cobra from a container he had sealed, only to find it pregnant with 16 eggs, contrary to his initial belief that he had captured a male cobra.

The incident took place in Sagar on May 4.

Visuals showed in the midst of a bustling crowd, a female cobra and her clutch of eggs rested peacefully on a soft green fabric. The snake, gracefully coiled, exuded an air of serenity despite the surrounding curiosity. Nearby, eager onlookers gathered, their eyes fixed on the mesmerizing sight before them.

Akil Baba, a seasoned snake catcher with over three decades of experience, had recently apprehended what he believed to be a 4-foot-long male cobra in the battalion area of Macaroni. However, his perception shifted dramatically upon opening the container, revealing not only a female cobra but also a clutch of eggs. Traditionally, King Cobras are perceived as one of the most dangerous snake species, commonly found across India and several other countries. Experts suggest that a female cobra typically lays between 10 to 30 eggs at once, with an incubation period ranging from 45 to 70 days.

The unexpected discovery has left Akil Baba and local authorities perplexed, as it challenges established norms regarding snake identification and behavior. “In my 30 years of experience, this is the first time I’ve encountered such a situation,” remarked Akil Baba, emphasizing the need for greater understanding and awareness in snake handling practices. Following the revelation, the forest department has been informed, and plans are underway to release the snake and its potential offspring back into the wild. As the countdown begins for the eggs to hatch, experts remain vigilant, ready to ensure the safe return of these reptiles to their natural habitat.

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