Stormwater pipe collapse on flyover in northern India damages vehicles, injures three

Stormwater pipe collapse on flyover in northern India damages vehicles, injures three

A chaotic scene unfolded in northern India’s Haryana as a 350-meter stormwater drainage pipe plummeted from the elevated highway, striking vehicles on the highway.


The incident took place on the NH-44 at the elevated highway near Sanjay Chowk in Panipat District on May 27.

Visuals showed a heavy drain pipe fell onto the highway, crushing several vehicles beneath its weight. Bystanders crowded around the scene, creating a chaotic atmosphere amidst the wreckage of crushed cars and bikes.


The abrupt collapse of the stormwater pipe, attached with iron clips, caused a significant disruption to traffic flow for over two hours, leading to a prolonged traffic jam on the highway. Authorities swiftly deployed a police team to the site, utilizing a crane to clear the wreckage and facilitate traffic movement.


Additional Deputy Commissioner Pankaj Yadav confirmed the initiation of a magisterial inquiry, entrusting a five-member committee, chaired by SDM Mandeep Kumar, to investigate the incident and submit a report within a month. The committee, comprising representatives from various departments including RTA, PWD B&R, and NHAI, will also determine compensation based on its findings. Moreover, a structural audit will be conducted, with necessary pipe replacements to follow if deemed essential.


Eyewitness accounts revealed that the flyover, maintained by L&T for 16 years, allegedly neglected regular cleaning of the drainage pipe, leading to its excessive weight and eventual collapse. Concerned citizens, including Panipat Urban MLA Pramod Vij and social activist Gaurav Leekha, voiced outrage over the incident, demanding accountability from the responsible authorities.


The aftermath of the collapse left approximately 2 kilometers of the pipe beneath the elevated highway damaged, exacerbating concerns about its structural integrity and safety. BJP MLA Pramod Vij reiterated the need for a thorough investigation and urged swift action against those found negligent in maintaining the infrastructure.


The incident, which resulted in severe damage to vehicles and injuries to commuters, underscores the importance of robust maintenance protocols for critical infrastructure to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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