Three injured as tower collapses in severe storm in central India

Three injured as tower collapses in severe storm in central India

Location Lalbagh road, Burhanpur, central India's Madhya Pradesh. Date: 2023-06-02

A tower in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, approximately 150 to 200 feet high, collapsed due to a storm, cyclone, and heavy rain.

The incident took place at Shanwara on Lalbagh road in Burhanpur on June 2.



Visuals showed that due to a powerful storm, a tall tower leaned and eventually collapsed in the middle. The impact of the fall caused significant damage to the shops and houses beneath it.

The tower of the BSNL main office located in Shanwara, Burhanpur collapsed due to strong winds. The incident has caused damage to a house and several shops. Additionally, three people have been injured.

The tower suddenly fell down due to a gusty storm. The tower collapse caused significant damage to Shah & Shah, Badshah Steel, and other iron material shops located in the Gotiya Peer area behind the BSNL office.

Moreover, a house was also affected by the tower’s fall, resulting in injuries to three people, including an innocent child. All the injured individuals have been taken to the district hospital for medical treatment, where they are currently receiving care.

Shopkeeper Rajesh Ladharam stated that our entire warehouse collapsed due to the tower’s fall. A portion of the tower also fell on a house, injuring three individuals. We demand assistance from the administration.

Amar Yadav, the opposition representative in the municipality, mentioned that the BSNL tower’s collapse caused damage to shops and one house due to the strong storm and rain. Several injured individuals, including an innocent child, have been admitted to the hospital. I urge the administration to provide proper compensation to the affected individuals. Additionally, I request an inspection of all the towers in the city to prevent such incidents from recurring.



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