Traffic chaos on busy road in southern India after liquor-laden vehicle overturns

Traffic chaos on busy road in southern India after liquor-laden vehicle overturns

Traffic came to a standstill in southern India’s Telangana after a vehicle loaded with liquor bottles overturned.

The incident took place on Military Dairy Farm Road in Bowenpally area of Hyderabad on May 22.

Visuals showed a truck loaded with liquor had overturned on the road, spilling all the bottles onto the street. A large crowd of people had gathered around, causing a significant traffic jam. The scene was chaotic with shattered glass and unbroken bottles scattered everywhere, while people jostled to grab the liquor. Vehicles were stuck in a long line, honking impatiently as the road became completely blocked by the crowd and the spilled cargo.

The incident occurred when the vehicle, carrying multiple cartons of liquor bottles, developed a flat tyre and overturned, spilling its contents onto the busy road. The sight of liquor bottles scattered on the road quickly attracted a large crowd of locals.

Realizing the situation was getting out of hand, the vehicle’s driver immediately alerted the police. Officers rushed to the scene and worked to disperse the throng of people who were attempting to collect the fallen bottles.

With the assistance of police and bystanders, the driver managed to reload the boxes onto the vehicle and deliver them to the intended wine shop. The chaotic scene saw locals jostling with each other in a scramble for the liquor bottles, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Despite the disruption, the police and helpful passers-by were able to restore order and clear the traffic, allowing the area to return to normalcy.

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