Twenty-two year old techie loses life after car enters flooded underpass in southern India

Twenty-two year old techie loses life after car enters flooded underpass in southern India

Location Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Date: 2023-05-21

A 22-year-old techie, identified as Bhanu Rekha, died after her car, in which there were a total of a seven people, entered a flooded underpass in southern India’s Karnataka.

This happened at KR Circle in Bengaluru on May 21.

Visuals showed men from the fire and emergency team at work as they brought out the car from the flooded underpass. The vehicle was half-submerged in the water and the one of rescuers got down the underpass with the help of a ladder before tying a rope around the car. The rope was used to pull the vehicle out of the water. A big crowd had gathered at the spot.


According to a report, five of the woman’s relatives and the driver were able to be saved by the rescuers but Bhanu Rekha passed away even before she was taken to the hospital. Karnataka’s newly-elected Chief Minister Siddaramaiah stated the ones inside the car were not able to come out because the doors were stuck.

Rekha was out on a ride in the city of Bengaluru with her family members, who had come from Vijaywada in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh. “The family from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh had hired a car and come to see Bengaluru. Bhanu Rekha works in Infosys. Due to the downpour, the barricade at the underpass fell down and the driver took the risk of crossing the underpass, which he should not have,” Siddaramaiah said. Police have claimed that the fire and emergency control room were alerted after people noticed this car sinking in the KR Circle underpass.

Six out of the seven who were inside the car are out of danger. Siddaramaiah also visited the hospital where the people were admitted and he announced Rs 5 lakh ($6,040.90)as a compensation for the family of the deceased techie. Along with this, he also announced that the state government would take up the expenses of treatment for all the others.

Bengaluru witnessed heavy rainfall on May 21 which left several areas of the city waterlogged.


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