Update: Leopard rescued from abandoned house in eastern India

Update: Leopard rescued from abandoned house in eastern India

Note: (Update with longer version video and more information)


A male leopard spotted in eastern India’s Odisha caused panic among residents before being successfully rescued by the Rapid Response Team.

The incident took place in the Baripada township area of Mayurbhanj district on May 17.

Visuals showed the rescue team members carefully captured the leopard and placed it in a cage at the back of a vehicle. There were many people present around the area, watching the operation.



Residents of Baripada town in Mayurbhanj district were gripped with fear following the sighting of a leopard early Friday morning. The leopard, first seen near Budhikhamaria Primary School, was later captured by the Rapid Response Team and is currently under observation before its release back into the Similipal Sanctuary.


The leopard was first spotted around 6:30 am near the Budhikhamaria Primary School, alarming the local dogs and prompting immediate concern from residents. The animal, driven by hunger, had likely ventured from the Similipal Sanctuary into the town. Local authorities were quickly notified, and the Forest Department, along with rescue and tranquilizer teams, responded promptly to the situation.



Eyewitnesses described the tense moments following the leopard’s appearance. “When I was about to leave for the market, I found dogs barking and birds chirping suddenly. To my utter surprise, I saw a giant leopard entering the school campus,” said one resident. Another, Makar Sarem, recounted, “I was going to drop my daughter at tuition when I spotted the leopard. It was quite obvious on my part to get nervous after seeing the big cat.”

Speaking to Newslions, Baripada Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Uma Mahesh said that the situation was under control. Upon being informed, Forest Department officials reached the spot and launched a search operation for the leopard, advising residents to remain calm and avoid panic.

The Rapid Response Team successfully located and tranquilized the leopard in an abandoned house. The animal is currently under observation and will be relocated to a safer, more remote area within the sanctuary to prevent further incidents.

Residents have urged the district administration to implement immediate measures to prevent such occurrences in the future, highlighting the need for ongoing vigilance and rapid response capabilities to ensure community safety.

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