Violence erupts among lawyers in fast track Court in northern India

Violence erupts among lawyers in fast track Court in northern India
Tensions escalated in the Court in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh during a hearing, as a brawl broke out between advocates, disrupting proceedings.
The incident took place at Fast Track court of Varanasi on May 10.
Visuals showed during the court hearing, a physical altercation erupted between some lawyers, but other individuals present intervened and stopped the fight, restoring peace in the courtroom.
The courtroom witnessed chaos as advocates Vijay Shankar Rastogi and Subhash Nandan Chaturvedi engaged in a heated exchange, prompting physical violence that spilled outside the courtroom.
The situation further escalated when Rastogi’s son, Sunil Rastogi, launched an attack on Chaturvedi, leading to a scuffle that was only resolved after senior counsel intervened.
The incident occurred during a hearing regarding the petition to represent Shailendra Pathak and Jailendra Pathak as parties in Adi Vishweshwar’s case. While the court accepted the application for representation, objections were raised by the Muslim party, leading to a verbal confrontation between advocates. Amidst calls for expedited proceedings, tensions mounted, resulting in the unfortunate altercation.
Fortunately, senior advocates intervened and facilitated a dialogue between the conflicting parties, ultimately reaching a resolution. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for professionalism and decorum within the legal fraternity, underscoring the importance of maintaining civility even in the face of contentious legal proceedings.
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