Violent gang war erupts on streets of southern India

Violent gang war erupts on streets of southern India

Violent gang clash with car fights erupts on streets of southern India’s Karnataka, leaving residents fearful.

The incident took place at Kunjibettu Road in Udupi on May 18.

Visuals showed two groups arriving in white and black cars. The confrontation quickly escalated as individuals exited their vehicles and began physically assaulting each other. At one point, a gang member wielding a machete attempted to strike an opponent, shattering a car window instead. Amid the melee, one car was driven aggressively towards the rival group, hitting a gang member and leaving him unconscious on the street.

According to reports, the clash took place on Kunjibettu Road late at night. Witnesses described a chaotic scene reminiscent of an action movie, as members of two gangs fought ferociously in the middle of the road. The altercation involved members from the Muslim community’s Garuda gangs, reportedly feuding over a car sale dispute.

Local authorities have responded swiftly to the incident. The Udupi Nagar police station received a complaint, and officers have since arrested several gang members involved in the fight. The suspects have been presented before the court as investigations continue.

Residents of Udupi, known as the city of education, are now grappling with the shock of such violence erupting in their community. The video has sparked widespread concern and debate about safety and the presence of organized crime in the area.


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