Woman locked her husband with chain, holds him hostage in southern India, rescued

Woman locked her husband with chain, holds him hostage in southern India, rescued
A man was rescued from his house after his wife had locked him up for three years due to dispute over property in southern India’s Telangana.
The incident is reported to have happened in Budaga Jangala Colony of Medchal district on May 3.
Visuals from the house showed a man locked up in chain. Later the police rescues the man and unlocks the chain.
According to the reports, wife held her husband imprisoned in the room for three days. He eat, sleept and defecated all in the same room. The incident came to light on Friday when a person filmed the scenes of the torture in the room on his cell phone.
Patthi Krishna and Bharti, have two daughters and two sons. Krishna is a centering contractor (building slabs centering contractor) by profession.
 Two flats were registered in the name of husband and wife. For some years there has been a dispute between husband and wife regarding property.
 Krishna left home a year ago, as he was unable to reconcile with his wife over property issue. Bharti, who came to know about his whereabouts three days ago, along with the elders and family members went to Krishna’s place and caught him and locked him with chain in a room of his own house in Ghatkesar.
Gadda Mahesh, the former MPTC of Ghatkesar, informed the police about this. The police went to Patthi Krishna’s house and the police unchained him, later he was taken to the police station. According to the complaint of the victim, the police have registered a case and are investigating.
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