17-year-old skater enters Guinness Book of World Record in western India

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A 17-year-old skater, identified as Shristi Dharmendra Sharma, recorded the fastest time to limbo skate under 10 bars in western India’s Maharashtra on February 20. The incident took place in Nagpur.

Visuals feature Shristi displaying her talent. She gears up for the task, and upon receiving the go, she breaks into a run. Following this, as she approaches the bars, she lowers into a split and swiftly skates across ten such bars. Meanwhile, amusement grips the onlookers, and they merrily cheer the proceedings.

Inspired by her sister’s dream, Shristi started skating when she was four years old. Initially, she used to tag along with her sister during her classes and just witnessed other students skate. Later, after seeing her sister’s determination to skate even after a severe accident, she decided to get into the field herself.

So far, Shristi has entered the Guinness Book of World Record five times for limbo skating. She recently won a title for limbo skating under 10 bars in just 1.69 seconds. Moreover, according to the little star, her best record so far is the one for lowest limbo ice skating over 10 meters on ice because she thrived in the struggle she went through for that.

Apart from limbo skating, Shristi has also nationally participated in Roller Hockey and aspires to represent the country one day. Moreover, she also spreads awareness regarding women-oriented government schemes and encourages the citizens to let their daughters excel in various fields. 

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