7-foot python invades home in central India, safely rescued

7-foot python invades home in central India, safely rescued

A seven-foot-long python slithered into a residence in central India’s Madhya Pradesh where the reptile was successfully rescued and released back into the wild by snake expert Gajendra Dubey.


The incident took place in Avani Vihar Colony, located in the Shastri Nagar area of Jabalpur district on June 19. 

Visuals showed in a house, a large python was discovered inside a room. A snake expert was called to handle the situation. Using a long stick, he carefully maneuvered the python out of the room and safely took it outside. Once outside, the expert placed the python into a large sack to secure it for transport.


At around 5 AM, Preetam Singh Kulaste’s daughter, Varsha, was about to leave their home for her morning walk when she spotted a massive python entering through the main gate. The snake proceeded to settle inside a mud cabinet, prompting Varsha to alert her family. The sight of the enormous snake caused panic among the household members.


The family immediately informed the rescue squad of the Forest Department. Snake expert Gajendra Dubey was notified and promptly arrived at the scene. Dubey expertly captured the python and safely released it into the forest.


According to Dubey, the python was identified as a rock python, scientifically known as Python molurus. These snakes are typically found in hilly and muddy regions. Although non-venomous, rock pythons are capable of suffocating their prey by constriction. 


The incident has raised awareness among the local residents about the presence of such wildlife in the area, underscoring the importance of vigilance and prompt reporting to authorities in similar situations.

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