AIIMS makes medical history with successful rare scalp tumor operation in eastern India

AIIMS makes medical history with successful rare scalp tumor operation in eastern India

In a remarkable display of medical expertise and collaborative effort in eastern India’s Odisha, AIIMS achieved a significant milestone by conducting a successful rare scalp tumor operation, only the second of its kind in India.

The incident took place at AIIMS hospital in Bhubaneswar on May 7.

Visuals showed a staggering 7kg tumor was visibly present on his scalp in the clips of the patient before operation. Doctors, alongside the patient, were seen after the operation, showcasing the collaborative effort. Post-successful surgery, the doctors’ team posed together, symbolizing the achievement of a successful operation.

AIIMS Bhubaneswar, renowned for its commitment to quality healthcare, showcased its prowess in tackling rare medical challenges with the recent success of a complex scalp tumor operation. The patient, Mr. Rabindra Bishui, had endured over two decades of suffering due to a persistent scalp swelling, later diagnosed as a 7kg Synovial Sarcoma tumor, an exceptionally rare occurrence in medical literature.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ashutosh Biswas, Executive Director of AIIMS Bhubaneswar, a multidisciplinary team of experts meticulously crafted a treatment strategy to address this formidable medical condition. The collaborative effort involved specialists from Interventional radiology, Surgical oncology, Neurosurgery, Plastic surgery, Anesthesiology, and Pathology, under the guidance of Dr. Sanjay Kumar Giri, Head of the department of Burns and Plastic Surgery.

The intricate procedure, lasting approximately 7 hours, encompassed precise embolization of blood vessels followed by surgical excision, necessitating meticulous attention to detail and expertise across multiple disciplines. Despite challenges such as significant intraoperative blood loss, the vigilant efforts of the anesthesia team led by Dr. Aparajita Panda, and the dedicated nursing team ensured the patient’s safety and well-being throughout the surgery.

Following the successful operation, the patient received intensive care for 24 hours before transitioning to the ward for further observation and recovery. Dr. Pritinanda Mishra’s timely pathological evaluation of the specimen played a crucial role in the treatment process, highlighting the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation in addressing complex medical cases.

The groundbreaking success of this rare scalp tumor operation not only signifies a triumph of modern healthcare innovation but also underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in pushing the boundaries of medical science and providing hope to patients facing challenging medical conditions.

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