Alert cop pulls passengers out from jaws of death, prevents latter from getting crushed under moving train in western India

A young man would have been crushed under the wheels of a speeding train, but miraculously lived to tell his tale after an alert policeman pulled him out from the jaws of death in the nick of time in western India’s Maharashtra.

The incident took place at the Thane Railway Station, located in the eponymous district on May 12.

Visuals, captured on a CCTV camera, showed a train speeding from the left of the screen when a policeman notices a man in distress, about to be crushed. At first, the cop offers the baton. Realising that it was too late, he throws it away and uses his hands to pull out the man, with less than a second left.

The brave cop has been identified as Government Railway Police (GRP) Constable Tushar Bajrang Sontate, posted at the Thane Railway Station.

Speaking to Newslions, Pandhari Kande, Senior PI, GRP, Thane, said, the passenger was crossing the track and was unaware about the train. “Fortunately, Constable Sontate was posted at platform number 4 and noticed the man. He pulled out the passenger with less than a second left,” the cop added.

“The passenger has not been identified,” the cop said.

Asked whether the passenger sustained any injury, the senior police officer said no.

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