Ambulance carrying critically ill infant attacked by drunk assailants in southern India

Ambulance carrying critically ill infant attacked by drunk assailants in southern India

An ambulance transporting a critically ill five-month-old baby to Hospital was attacked in southern India’s Karnataka by allegedly intoxicated individuals.

The incident took place near the Nelamangala toll plaza in Bengaluru on June 9.

Visuals showed near a toll plaza, an ambulance was stopped by a group of drunk individuals who began assaulting the driver. Inside the ambulance, the parents of a critically ill five-month-old baby were crying and pleading with the assailants to let them go. The desperate parents’ pleas for mercy were ignored by the attackers. Amidst this chaotic scene, the police arrived and managed to bring the situation under control.

According to reports a private ambulance en route to Vani Vilas Hospital in Bengaluru, carrying a critically ill five-month-old baby on oxygen, was ambushed. The attackers, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, recklessly pursued the ambulance for several kilometers before cornering it at the toll plaza.

The ambulance driver, identified as John, was brutally assaulted by the assailants despite the desperate pleas from the infant’s parents. The attack occurred under the watch of police officers stationed at the toll plaza.

John reported that the attackers appeared to be intoxicated during the assault. Swift intervention by the police eventually quelled the violence, allowing the ambulance to continue its journey to the hospital, ensuring the safety of the baby and its parents.

According to Bengaluru Rural Superintendent of Police (SP) Mallikarjun Baldandi, the incident began when the ambulance, driven by John, overtook an Innova car. The occupants of the Innova, upset by being overtaken, pursued the ambulance and assaulted the driver near the toll plaza. An FIR has been registered, and further investigations are underway to determine if the assailants were indeed intoxicated while driving.

The incident has raised concerns about road safety and the urgent need for stricter measures to protect emergency medical services from such violent confrontations.

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