And there was light: Trapped in borewell for around 105 hours, boy finally rescued in central India

And there was light: Trapped in borewell for around 105 hours, boy finally rescued in central India

A boy who had fallen into a borewell in central India’s Chhattisgarh around five days ago, has been rescued.

The accident initially happened in the Pihrid village in Malkharoda Tehsil, Jahangir-Champa district on June 10. After a lot of effort from the NDRF (National Disaster Rescue Force) and SDRF (State Disaster Rescue Force), the 10-year old, identified as Rahul Sahu, was rescued from the 80 feet borewell in the midnight of June 15, Tuesday.

After being rescued, his health was monitored as he was placed in a medical unit. His pulse and other readings seemed to be alright as was said in a video.

Rahul, who is unable to speak, had fallen into the unused and uncovered borewell while playing in the afternoon. His family searched for him and discovered that he was trapped when they heard his voice from inside the borewell.

The rescue operation had began at 4pm in the evening.

Some members of the army were also reportedly present in rescue mission. An escape tunnel had to be made for the boy to be rescued.

Visuals had emerged earlier of bulldozers being used to dig up the ground in an attempt to make the tunnel to rescue the trapped child.

While being trapped, he was given oxygen through a pipe. He also ate bananas and also drank water besides being able to move his body a bit inside the borewell.

Video footage from before, taken by a digital camera showed the trapped boy with his face all covered up in mud. His eyes seemed droopy, possibly due to exhaustion as he reached out for help.

His mother was seen calling out to him using a microphone. He reportedly reacted by shaking his hands and head as she tried to motivate him morally. His situation was continuously monitored on the digital camera, it has been learnt.

Video of people offering prayers at the site, hoping and wishing for his rescue also had emerged. His situation was also monitored regularly by Bhupesh Bhagel, the chief minister of the state.

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