Slum children picking up equipments amidst gym demolition in a park in western India

Slum children picking up equipments amidst gym demolition in a park in western India

The slum children were seen picking up gym equipment after a demolition in western India’s Maharashtra in a park.

The incident took place in Lane no. 7’ss Koregaon park in Pune district on June 6.

Visuals showed how the children and men are picking up the gym equipment making the most out of this demolition.

According to reports in a recent crackdown on unauthorised establishments, authorities in a bustling city in western India’s Maharashtra, took decisive action against illegal bars, restaurants, and gyms operating in the upscale Koregaon Park area.

The demolition drive, led by municipal authorities, targeted several establishments found to be in violation of zoning regulations and lacking proper permits.

The operation, which unfolded in saw bulldozers and enforcement teams descending on the targeted properties, swiftly dismantling structures deemed to be operating unlawfully. Among the establishments razed to the ground were unlicensed bars, restaurants serving alcohol without permits, and gyms operating without the necessary approvals.

The crackdown comes as part of ongoing efforts by local authorities to enforce zoning laws and maintain order in the city’s commercial and residential areas. Illegal constructions and businesses pose not only legal challenges but also safety concerns, prompting authorities to take stringent action to safeguard public interests.

While the owners of the demolished establishments face financial losses and legal consequences, the authorities have emphasised the importance of adhering to regulations and obtaining proper permits before commencing operations. The demolition drive serves as a warning to other businesses operating in violation of the law, highlighting the consequences of flouting regulations.

Residents and business owners in Pune’s Koregaon Park area have welcomed the crackdown, expressing relief at the removal of unauthorised establishments and hoping for improved compliance with zoning laws in the future. The incident underscores the significance of regulatory compliance and the role of authorities in upholding the rule of law in urban areas like Pune.

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