Baby elephant separated from its mother, relocate to elephant camp in southern India

Baby elephant separated from its mother, relocate to elephant camp in southern India
A four-month-old elephant calf, discovered separated from its mother near Coimbatore, was relocated to the Theppakadu elephant camp in southern India’s Tamil Nadu.

This incident happened at the Theppakadu elephant camp in Mudumalai tiger of Nilgiri district on June 9.

Visuals showed the forest department officials escort the baby elephant after efforts made to unite it with its mother. The forest officials are seen taking the little pachyderm out of the jeep. Later they feed the little elephant and checks its weight. Officials also welcome the elephant as they tie flower garland around its leg.

The Forest Department reported that over 10 attempts were made to reunite the calf with its mother and the herd, but all efforts were unsuccessful.

Officials and field staff were surprised by the unusual behavior of the mother and other elephants, as the calf had previously been taken to the herd by a juvenile elephant while veterinarians were treating the mother. The mother elephant, found in a collapsed state at the Mudumalai foothills, was under veterinary care from May 30 to June 3.
Although the mother rejoined the herd after treatment on June 3, the calf was discovered abandoned in an areca plantation at Kuppe Palayam near Thondamuthur on June 5. The calf was taken to Theppakadu camp, known for rehabilitating and raising abandoned elephant calves, early on Sunday morning. Officials stated that a mahout has been assigned to care for the calf at the camp.
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