Update: Youth collapses post-swim in northern India: heat stroke suspected

Update: Youth collapses post-swim in northern India: heat stroke suspected

A young boy identified as Sameer, collapsed and lost consciousness immediately after stepping out of a swimming pool in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place in Siwalkhas locality in the Jani area of Meerut on June 21.

Visuals showed a boy emerged from the swimming pool after his swim, walked a few steps, and then suddenly collapsed to the ground, losing consciousness. A man nearby noticed the incident and rushed over to try and help him up.

Sameer had gone for a swim at the Blue Heaven swimming pool after playing cricket on a scorching afternoon. According to witnesses, he took several dives into the pool and later sat by the boundary to rest. However, as he started to walk away, he suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness.

Efforts by onlookers to revive Sameer, including splashing water on his face, were in vain.

Medical experts have weighed in on the possible causes of death. Cardiologist Dr. Sanjeev Saxena suggested that congenital heart defects or thickening of the heart walls might have been a factor. Senior physician Dr. Tanuraj Sirohi speculated that the sudden transition from a hot environment after playing cricket to the cool pool water could have induced heat stroke.

SP Kamlesh Bahadur confirmed that an investigation is underway, with the CCTV footage seized and the pool owner being questioned. The police are committed to conducting a thorough investigation and taking appropriate legal action. Meanwhile, Sameer’s family is left devastated by the sudden loss.

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