Bear entered the residential area in northern India, rescued

Bear entered the residential area in northern India, rescued

In the midst of a water crisis in the forests due to scorching heat, wildlife, including a bear, are venturing into populated areas in search of water. Recently, a bear crossed a highway and entered a populated area in northern India’s Uttarakhand.

The incident took place in Lalkuan area, Nainital district on April 23.


Visual footage depicted a bear roaming around at night, its presence captured on camera as it crossed the boundary of the sleeper factory and ventured inside. Another scene captured forest officials in action, shown carrying the captured animal in a net after successfully rescuing it.

Speaking to Newslions, SDO Anil Joshi said that at midnight, the bear caused disturbance in the residential area, instilling significant fear among the inhabitants. Subsequently, it sought refuge in a nearby factory, causing alarm among the workers and sparking a stampede.

Upon being alerted by locals, the forest department promptly responded. Their team arrived swiftly, tranquilized the bear, and then relocated it to the forest. By around 1 o’clock in the morning, the bear was found concealed in the bushes between the sleeper factory and the IOC depot, while the forest department team monitored the road and railway track.

Forest Range Officer Chandan Adhikari reported that the department’s rescue team successfully tranquilized the bear and safely released it back into the forest. This event highlights the increasing movement of wild animals towards populated areas due to the severe water scarcity resulting from the intense heat in the forests.

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