Bear strays into temple at night in southern India

Bear strays into temple at night in southern India

A bear created a ruckus after it strayed into the Shikhareshwar Temple in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh.

This happened in Srisailam town of Nandyal district on August 13.


Visuals showed the wild animal sit right at the spot from where it strayed into the temple. After sitting for a while, it entered the temple. Later, it was seen roaming around the shrine inside and escaped after being spotted by the security personnel. It then escaped from the place and walked out of the temple. According to a report, there wasn’t any devotee around with it being night time when the bear was spotted. It was also reported that some people chased the wild animal away with the help of torch lights.

The security at the temple were expectedly shocked and scared as the bear entered but fortunately, it didn’t hurt anyone. It was also learnt that the bear has been visiting the place regularly to eat the coconut which are offered by the devotees

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